Norimaki Machine



“おむサンド” andare trademarks of Audio-Technica Corporation, registered in Japan.

Compact and stylish machine provides better
quality rice mat with higher productivity!

  • This machine can produce 300 pcs rice mats more compared with the previous rice spreading machine.
  • Re-location of the auto supply sensor to forward position improves the functionality of the operation.
  • By not using Teflon coating on the slide base, the concern about food contamination is eliminated.
  • By sushi machine industrial standards, this machines fulfills the shortest width and lightest weight specifications.
  • Updates can be uploaded via the USB port with the minimal time.

Parts used Teflon coating are not used.
No worries about exfoliation of body surface.
It can reduce running costs due to no need for recoating.

Power Supply AC120V (ASM865A)

AC230V (ASM865CE)

Power Consumption 115W ASM865A)

60W (ASM865CE)

Forming Capacity 900 – 1,200 mats/h
Dimensions W 348 mm x D 430 mm (max 585 mm) x H 590 mm (ASM865A)

W 348 mm x D 455 mm (max 610 mm) x H 590 mm (ASM865CE)

Weight Approx.32kg (ASM865A)

Approx. 33kg (ASM865CE)