Norimaki Cutter


Cutting operation be shortened.
Anyone can cut Norimaki easily and quickly.
Its nice appearance make your sales increase.

  • Reduce daily work of shop staff
  • Cut beautifully like human made
  • New design, especially easy to assemble and clean
  • Protecting cutter blades  with ”Smart Brake  Structure”
  • With double safety systems, it achieved safety-oriented design and secure the safety of operator.

Power Supply AC100V – 240V 50Hz / 60Hz
Power Consumption 35W
Production Capacity Up to 600 pcs per hour ※Including putting Norimaki action for 2sec.

Small maki(25mm) 4 pcs(2,400pcs per hour)

Medium maki(35mm) 2 pcs(1,200pcs per hour)

Large maki(45mm) 1pcs(600pcs per hour)

※The production capacity varies depending on the setting and the conditions

Range of Norimaki sizes Thickness: Equivalent to 25 square – 50 square(mm)

Length: Lengthwise roll(for 6/8 pcs) 180-190mm

             Yoko roll( for 10 pcs) 200-210mm

Cutting Size(mm) For 6 pcs cut : 30 each
For 8 pcs cut : 22.5 each
For 10 pcs cut : 20 each
Dimensions W 379 x D 290 x H 497 mm※Excluding the Power cord and protruding parts.
Weight 17 kg