Sushi Rice Ball Machine


Automated Alignment 159% Speed Up to the Former Model
Max. 3,500 sushi rice ball per hour automated forming



  • Machine starts forming sushi rice balls automatically when tray is set.
  • 50 sushi rice balls are aligned on the tray automatically in 51 seconds.
  • Compact design that fit on working bench of D450xW600mm.
  • Few cleaning parts and simple structure, easy to disassemble and clean.
  • Built-In catch arm installed, and tray covered inside the machine, more safety and healthy.

Parts used Teflon coating are not used.
No worries about exfoliation of body surface.
It can reduce running costs due to no need for recoating.
Double heat-retaining effect: The special resin rice hopper
and built- in heater keep sushi rice at a suitable temperature for a long time

Automated alignment starts when tray is set

Power Supply AC230V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 115W
Production Capacity Up to 3,500 pieces per hour
※The production capacity varies depending on the setting and the conditions
Volume Adjustment 16 – 24 g / ball (sss,SS, S, M, L)
Hopper Capacity Approx. 8.2 kg
Dimensions W 600 x D 571 x H 690 mm
※Excluding the power cord and screw’s salient parts
Weight Approx. 43 kg