The history of AUTEC's achievements in a variety of fields

The wave of audio digitization started to loom in the late 1970s. Audio-Technica, already a world leader in stereo cartridges, sought to break into domains other than audio equipment that would lead the new era. One employee had an idea that matched the approach of the president of the time, Hideo Matsushita: "aiming for original ideas and technology". This resulted in the creation of the Nigirikko home-use sushi maker. The device, which was later patented, was a precursor to rice mat makers around the world. After that, we shifted from home to business and expanded our lineup, establishing AUTEC as the face of Audio-Technica's commercial rice processing brand. Thanks to clean construction and low prices paired with made in Japan quality, our products are used in 50 countries across the globe.

*All models and years indicated are for Japanese models.