Notice and Apology of Information Leakage Due to Unauthorized Access

As announced on 7th of March 2023, ” Notice and Apology Concerning Possible Information Leakage Due to Unauthorized Access”, Audio-Technica Corporation was attacked by unauthorized access by ransomware from a third party. We have confirmed that some confidential information in the company may have been viewed illegally.

After confirming the unauthorized access, we set up an emergency task force and are still continue the investigation to clarify the full extent of the damage and prevent recurrence. We would like to inform you our measures as following,


1, Leaked Information at this stage

  Employee names and E-mail addresses: 20


At this moment, we have not confirmed any leakages other than above information.

We shall continue to investigate, and if we find any new matters which should be reported including customer personal information, we will promptly notify you.

Since we have been outsourcing all the payment procedures in our official online store or repair service, we don’t hold any customers credit card information. Therefore, there is no leakage of customers credit card information.

We apologize for the time it took to identify the information.


2, Response to the leaked information and those who may leaked

If information leakage is confirmed, we will contact you individually and explain the circumstances.


3, Overview

(1)Response history

After confirming a connection failure in the internal system on 25th February, we shut down the system and started checking the damage situation.


We have posted a notice about the system error on our website on 27th February.


In the procedure of the investigation, we have identified that some of the confidential information was viewed illegally by unauthorized access from third party’s ransomware.

We announced ” Notice and Apology Concerning Possible Information Leakage Due to Unauthorized Access ” on 7th of March.


After the investigation, it is highly assumed that intrusion was occurred via VPN client.

Then we found the trace of some connections to remote desktop servers.

The possibility of the customer’s personal information is now under investigation by external experts. At this moment, details such as the full extent of damage and facts that can be confirmed have not been clarified.


(2)We have reported this matter to the Metropolitan Police Department and the Personal Information Protection Commission. We will also fully cooperate with the police investigation.


(3)We have stopped using all servers and PCs that are suspected of being infected and disconnected them from the network to prevent further damage. plus, we are rebuilding the servers in a new environment and implementing security measures before proceeding with system restoration work. We will also resume operations which is fully secured safety in phases.


4,To the customers

   If you receive a suspicious e-mail with an unknown sender or subject, there is a risk of virus infection or unauthorized access. Please delete the email by yourself immediately without accessing it.


  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.



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