Information on end of maintenance support for some models

Thank you for choosing Audio-Technica’s food processing machinery products, we are proud to be business partner during the past time.
For those discontinued production over 10 years, we have continued to supply spare-parts and provide machine maintenance.
However, in light of spare-parts are out of stock, and tighter supply of exclusive parts for circuit board, we are facing a difficult situation to keep it continued.
Therefore, we regret to announce that our spare-parts supply and machine maintenance are terminated to the following models.
If you are uncertain about applicable / non-applicable, please let us know the serial number of your machine.

End date of maintenance support:31-Mar-2020

Product name Series Name Model number Successor model
SUSHI ROBOT ASM300 series ASM300・ASM300+AD・ASM310・ASM340L・ASM340L(E) ASM405S
ASM380 series ASM380 ASM430
ASM390 series ASM390・ASM390S・ASM390H・ASM360・ASM370・ASM400・ASM400T・S360S・ASM390A-12・ASM400T(E) ASM430
ASM600 series ASM600・ASM600W・ASM600WA・ASM600A・ASM600(E)・ASM600CE・ASM600(E)-C ASM430
ASM3000 series ASM3000T ASM450S
ASM3010 series ASM3010T・ASM3010T(E)・ASM3010TCE ASM450S
ASM410 series ASM410・ASM410C・ASM410C-2・ASM410/WH-C2・ASM410A・ASM410A-B・ASM410(E)・ASM410(E)-C・ASM410CE-C2・ASM410/WHR-C・ASM410/WHR-C2 ASM430
ASM405 series ASM405A・ASM405(E) ASM405S
ASM450 series ASM450(E) ASM460
ASM550 series ASM550 ASM545S
ASM540 series ASM540 ASM545S
ASM545 series ASM545・ASM545A・ASM545(E)・ASM545(E)-B ASM545S
ASM560 series ASM560-50 ASM545S
SHARI ROBOT ASM700 series ASM700・ASM750 ASM780
ASM770 series ASM770 ASM780
ASM720 series ASM720・ASM720(220V)・ASM720(240V)・ASM720(240V/CE) ASM730
ASM760 series ASM760・ASM760(110V)・ASM760CE・ASM760CE-B/AS・ASM760(220V)・ASM760(240V) ASM780
NORIMAKI ROBOT ASM800 series ASM800・ASM810・ASM815 ASM880
ASM830 series ASM840・ASM850・ASM870・ASM830T・ASM840T・ASM850T・ASM830A(60HZ)・ASM830A-B(60Hz)・ASM850T(E)・ASM850A ASM880またはASM865
ASM835 ASM835A・ASM835(E) ASM865
ASM860 series ASM860・ASM860A・ASM860(E)・ASM860(E)-B・ASM860C-B・ASM860CE ASM880


Some parts for above models are still available, please feel free to contact us for more information.
We sincerely recommend customers to purchase successor models for replacement. Thank you for understanding.
The following models, we will keep providing spare-parts supply and machine maintenance until the end date based on company provisions.
Please note that within the period, the delivery time of some parts will be informed after receipt of order, and the price may be subject to change.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Product name  Series Name Model number End of production End of parts supply Successor model
NORIMAKI CUTTER ASM250 series ASM250A Dec-15 Dec-22 ASM250-B(New)
ASM250CE Apr-16 Apr-23
ASM250CE/AS Jul-16 Jul-23
ASM250CE/BR Jun-16 Jun-23
ASM250CE/BS May-16 May-23
SUSHI ROBOT ASM600 series ASM600-C Mar-17 Feb-24 ASM430
ASM600W-C Feb-15 Jan-22
ASM600CE-B Aug-16 Aug-23
ASM600CE/BS-B Oct-14 Oct-21
ASM600CE/AS-B Oct-16 Oct-23
ASM410 series ASM410/ANV Feb-13 Jan-20 ASM430
ASM410-D Feb-17 Jan-24
ASM410S Mar-17 Feb-24
ASM410A-C Nov-14 Nov-21
ASM410A-D Aug-15 Aug-22
ASM410A-E Oct-17 Oct-24
ASM410(E)-C2 Dec-14 Dec-21
ASM410CE/BS-B Mar-14 Mar-21
ASM410CE/BR-B Jul-14 Jul-21
ASM410CE-B Nov-14 Nov-21
ASM410SCE Oct-17 Oct-24
ASM410SCE/AS May-17 May-24
ASM410SCE/BR Apr-16 Apr-23
ASM410SCE/BS Sep-17 Sep-24
ASM405 series ASM405-B Jul-16 Jun-23 ASM405S
ASM405A-B Jul-14 Jul-21
ASM405A-C Jun-16 Jun-23
ASM405(E)-B May-14 May-21
ASM405CE Nov-14 Nov-21
ASM405CE/AS Oct-14 Oct-21
ASM405CE/BR Nov-14 Nov-21
ASM450 series ASM450 Jan-10 Jan-17 ASM460
ASM450CE Sep-14 Sep-21
ASM450CE-B Nov-14 Nov-21
ASM450CE/BR Aug-14 Aug-21
ASM450CE/AS-B Dec-14 Dec-21
ONIGIRI ROBOT ASM545 series ASM545-B Sep-12 Aug-19 ASM545S
  開口一番! 開口一番! Jan-17 Dec-23
SHARI ROBOT ASM720 series ASM720A Mar-15 Mar-22 ASM730
ASM720CE Oct-14 Oct-21
ASM720CE/BR Aug-14 Aug-21
ASM720CE/AS Oct-14 Oct-21
ASM760 series ASM760CE-B Mar-14 Mar-21 ASM780
ASM770 series ASM770A Mar-15 Mar-22 ASM780
NORIMAKI ROBOT ASM835 series ASM835 Dec-14 Nov-21 ASM865
ASM835A-B Mar-15 Mar-22
ASM835R Sep-14 Aug-21
ASM835(E)-B Mar-15 Mar-22
ASM860 series ASM860-B Nov-12 Oct-19 ASM880-C(New)
ASM860A-B Dec-16 Dec-23
ASM860CE-B/AS Feb-14 Feb-21
ASM860CE-B Mar-14 Mar-21
ASM880 series ASM880CE May-14 May-21
ASM880CE/AS Jul-14 Jul-21
ASM880CE/BR Apr-14 Apr-21
ASM880CE/BS Mar-14 Mar-21